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This post is part 3 of 3 of  The Mindy Python's Confined Band

So now that I had enough LEGO MIDI robotic instruments I could finally form a band.

So The Mindy Python’s Confined Circus band was born, playing a cover of Queen’s ‘Another bites the dust’ with just two instruments – a one-stringed bass and a 12-bar glockenspiel:

4 Technic Control+ hubs, 16 LEGO motors, 4 BLE sessions… but it needed more.

And I also need more space and time to proper join the band for jam sessions… luckily school is now physical again so my kids rooms are available during day time (as I am still working from home).

So the same cover of Queen but now with an extended Percussion Kit (a Robot Inventor hub with 6 ports allowing two more instruments than the previous version):

and also The Clash’ song “Should I Stay or Should I go”:

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