Geek kit for holidays

Next holidays don’t forget:

  • USB soldering iron (great acquisition!) and decent thin solder wire
  • small base for the soldering iron, with flexible arms if possible
  • high current USB hub and a high current USB battery pack
  • jumper wires (F-F, M-F, M-M, several colors)
  • alligator wires (several colors)
  • a few female headers compatible with the jumper wires (6 pin were great for EV3 and Powered Up hacking)
  • multimeter
  • Bus Pirate and BitScope (but a decent Logic Analyzer with linux support would be great)
  • Ubertooth (but a more recent BLE sniffer with linux support would be great)
  • a decent small wire stripper (still to be found)
  • a few EV3 and Powered cables and plugs
  • an Arduino and a NodeMCU
  • a FTDI Beefy 3 breakout board (or 2!!!)
  • a kit of resistors, diodes, capacitors and LEDs
  • a small motor driver or H-Bridge breakout board (shame!!!)
  • a swiss army knife
  • of course some LEGO (at least one EV3 rover with wi-fi and BLE)
  • some ziplock bags
  • a good excuse

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