Powered Up interception cable

Fancy name 🙂

Arrived from holidays and had two small packets in the mail box:

  • One from David Lechner with 2 Powered Up-compatible male plugs with cables already attached (and 4 great ev3dev stickers!)
  • Other from Mouser Electronics with a few 1.27 mm headers I ordered to try to replicate Philippe “Philo” Hurbain idea to a pseudo female plug

So I finally made my own Powered Up extension cable with a third connector to sniff the communicares between the hub and a sensor or an interactive motor:

Philo hack works but it’s really tough to execute. My soldering skills aren’t great (my hands shake _a_lot_) and my vision is getting worse. But at my third attempt I got a working connection, not 100% tight but stable enough for my purposes.

Too bad I get back to work this week… I hope that spying the WeDo 2.0 tilt and motion sensors I can find something more about the protocol used on Powered Up sensors.

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