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So my second DMX fixture arrived today: a Fonestar PAR-18L.

I had ordered a few weeks ago with a cheap Waveshare USB-RS485 adapter but the order took ages so last week I went for the Ibiza PAR-MINI-RGB-3 and the FTDI USB-RS485-WE-1800-BT cable.


  • My adapter based on the FTDI cable can control both PARs
  • My cheap Cameo Control 6 controller can only control the Ibiza PAR
  • An adapter based on the Waveshare adapter cannot control the Ibiza PAR (sometimes I get a short flash of the intended color)

So my Cameo DMX controller was a bad starter choice, I will need a better controller to confirm my receiver code is working correctly. Will try to get a better one next month, with a few more channels and (if possible) some MIDI integration.


Now even more strange: the Waveshare adapter does work… but only with the new Fonestar PAR.

I changed the Ibiza address to 008 and kept Fonestar at 001 the joined both on the DMX chain and changed my python script to use both. With the FTDI cable both PARs work. With the Waveshare only the Fonestar work, no matter if I put it as the first or the last of the chain so it doesn’t seem to be a termination problem.

As the Cameo controller works with the Ibiza but not with the Fonestar AND the Cameo controller data can only be read by my scripts when I cute B (DMX-) wire… I suspect both the Cameo and the Ibiza have A/B (DMX+/DMX-) reversed or even stranger deviations from the DMX standard.

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