Visual Studio Code and ev3dev

On a quest to promote ev3dev as an education tool several ev3dev users suggested that developing an ev3dev IDE could make ev3dev easier to use and more accessible for new users.

A great milestone has been achieved with ev3dev-browser, an ev3dev extension for Visual Studio Code:

You just need to install Visual Studio Code, press Ctrl+P and past “ext install ev3dev-browser”, install the ev3dev-browser (currently 0.1.0 by David Lechner) and reload the IDE window.

If you have also a python extension installed and you have something running an ev3dev stretch image (2017-07-25 or newer) it will appear on the left-bottom corner pane of the IDE (“EV3DEV-DEVICES”) and you can transfer your python script to it, run them, open an SSH session…

ev3dev based on Debian Stretch is still in development (so not stable yet) but I have great expectations that we all can use it soon.

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