Committed to Pybricks

So I committed 2 files to the Pybricks project:

not really to the project code but with a demo project that shows how to use the new ‘getchar’ function to pass commands from the Pybricks Chrome IDE to the hub in runtime.

getchar‘ works like the standard ‘input’ function but is doesn’t wait for ENTER so it is non-blocking. I already used ‘input’ to send commands to the Top Gear Rally Car and from the ‘client’ side (my EV3 python script) the only difference is not having to send a carriage return any more but from the hub side the responsiveness of the code should be now much better.

from pybricks.experimental import getchar

while True:
    c = getchar()
    if c == ord('a'):
        print('You pressed a! Now drive forwards...')
    elif c == ord('b'):
        print('You pressed b! Self destruct in 3, 2, 1...')

Another advantage of ‘getchar’ is allowing me to use Nordic nRF Toolbox UART tool to send commands to the hub:

The tool always send a termination code (we can choose LF / CR / CR+LF) but now ‘input’ considers it as just another character.

The usual companion video:

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