Pybricks is accepting sponsors

Have been using Pybricks a bit – with some of my MINDSTORMS EV3 (mostly because micropython is much more quick to start than full python) but also with a few Powered Up hubs I own (partly because I don’t like the idea of using Apps but also because micropython is much more clean).

Lately I realized how great this project is by offering us a common framework for the different LEGO programmable devices instead of using an App for BOOST, City and Control+ hubs and another App for SPIKE and/or Robot Inventor and python or Scratch for EV3 and who knows what LEGO will release next.

So if by any chance you are reading this you might also like to know that Pybricks is accepting support through github’s sponsors:

In their own words:

“Sponsorship helps maintain this ever-growing project in the long run. Funds will go towards:

  • Porting Pybricks to existing and new LEGO hubs
  • Porting Pybricks to SPIKE Prime and MINDSTORMS Inventor
  • Supporting all compatible LEGO motors and sensors
  • Improving firmware reliability and performance
  • Improving the online programming interface
  • Writing documentation and code tutorials
  • Contributing code to other open source projects that Pybricks builds on

Please consider becoming a sponsor if you enjoy using Pybricks in your creations!”

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