The stage

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The main part of the Rock Concert is the stage so it will set the scale of all the diorama.

In the first version, the stage had a few internal gears that allow my kids to move the minifigures of 4 of the 5 elements of the band with a stick at the backstage. I had the idea to animate all 5 but never got a solid way to move the arms of the drum player (“Kalu”) so I left him static and put “Zé Pedro” walking along the stage with his guitar (he is/was a bit wild at stage, once he even broke a leg jumping to a speaker) and the remain three just turning around on their places (“Tim” the bass player and main vocals, “João Cabeleira” the human statue that plays guitar and “Gui” with his saxophone).

A second version had 4 LEGO mini-motors instead of sticks and a LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 controlling the motors… through a USB 8-relay board! It was one of my first experiments with ev3dev and I had no idea how to control those old motors so I used the relay board I had bought for the Raspberry Pi… it was also the first time I invoked bash scripts from python:

This new version will probably have a similar setup (without relays) but for now I’m just concerned with settling the dimensions.

As I had big bunch of red tiles from a LEGO 10 kg box I decided to make the X-shaped stage:

Yeah, ugly but that’s a start. A few more pieces from Bricklink and things started to get better:

So a few more bricks from Bricklink and lots of funny-blue tiles from the same 10 kg box and the main part of the stage is done:

I’ll increase size a bit more to left/right but the ‘X’ will stay this size.

Height is also good because it will allow me to put small speakers inside and probably a few other things if/when I decide what special effects I will have on stage.

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