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Got myself an anti-stress project: rebuild my LEGO Xutos&Pontapés rock concert.

About 30 years ago my cousin took me with him for a rock concert in the town next by: Xutos&Pontapés. I was a kid with almost no interest in music but Xutos had recently released their third LP and finally got some country-wide success, everybody were singing their singles so… why not?

I got hooked! Xutos were a great live band and after all those years they still are.

So my late teenage years as also my first adult years were strongly influenced by their energy. At college I made the first related site (pew! ugly!) and when I got married my tie had their ‘X’ stamped.

A remarkable concert I went to was the one that ended their 25th anniversary tour. The stage had a fabulous ‘X’ shape:

Xutos&Pontapés – XXV year tour

This photo was taken more or less from the same spot where I was.

So this is going to be my crazy project for the next months: a LEGO rock concert that pays tribute to the greatest portuguese rock band ever.

Of course, this isn’t a static LEGO project. Will try to use some of the gadgets and tricks I’ve been using those last 3 years since I joined PLUG.

From the first version I will certainly keep the animated minifigures and the stage lights (but the lights will be pure LEGO now… as much as I like the 1-wire lights concept, soldering and wiring was a mess and this is a purely for-fun project, no need for more stress).

So MINDSTORMS EV3 running ev3dev is expected, probably with one of the new Power Functions 2 devices. And of course at least one Raspberry Pi and a NodeMCU or other Arduino-like board. And webcams, displays, sound speakers, perhaps some special effects… we’ll see.

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